About Map Plugin

This plugin displays a map and caption along with markers from various sources. Explore by scrolling and zooming. Move by dragging the caption.

Code and data from Leaflet and OpenStreetMap .

See GitHub for plugin source.

Trinity College (Cambridge) 52.207483, 0.115771 Master's Garden

Double-click to edit markup consisting of lines of caption text and other configuration commands.

Shift-double-click to add a marker at a map location.

A line starting with coordinates describes a marker. Text after the marker become the marker's popup label.

52.207483, 0.115771 Master's Garden

Coordinates are always written latitude first, using decimal degrees or punctuated 'nautical' format.

45°36'43.3"N 122°43'52.8"W Smith Lake, Portland

See About Map Keywords for more markup options.

See About Map Properties for defaults internal to maps.

See Street Map or Aerial Map or Topo Map tiles.