About PageFold Plugin

PageFolds create a reliable way to segregate content in a wiki page. The term alludes to a fan-folded document where the paper creases exert some practical grouping but are not otherwise highly organizational. github

We casually use the shorter term "fold" to refer to the PageFold itself and to the content that follows.


Create new PageFolds by selecting PageFold in the [+] Factory menu. Enter the name that is to appear in the fold.

Drag paragraphs around PageFolds to rearrange content. Or drag folds around content if that is more convenient.

Remove PageFolds by double-clicking and removing all text. (It is not possible to have an unlabeled fold.)


Applications that wish to interpret page json data can look for story items of type "pagefold" that mark content boundaries.

Applications can further interpret the purpose of between fold sections by retrieving the fold's text field.

Consider offering template pages that are already configured with the expected folds.