About Paragraph Plugin

Most items in a story are paragraphs. Double click a Factory to make a paragraph. Press return (enter) when editing a paragraph to make a new paragraph.

Enter an empty paragraph to remove the item.


Write [ [ Page Titles ] ] inside of double square brackets to make an internal link to a new wiki page.

Write [ http://example.com/webpage.html webpage ] inside single square brackets to make an external link to another web page. Include a second field that specifies how the link is to appear in the rendered text.

By convention external links are represented by single lower-case words that identify what kind of page one will find when clicking the link.

wikipedia for a Wikipedia article.

post for a blog or other social media post

github for source code on GitHub

webpage for an otherwise undistinguished web page


If text is pasted that includes blank lines then blank lines will be rendered in the output. Otherwise newlines and other superfluous whitespace is ignored.

Additional Markup

The paragraph plugin does not accept additional markup, but we offer:

- the markdown plugin, see About Markdown Plugin, for simple markup, and - the HTML plugin, see About HTML Plugin, for HTML.

Paragraph items can be converted to HTML items using "SHIFT + Double Click".