Air Temperature

Here we report the air temperature measured in Ward Cunningham's back yard. The thermometer is placed 18 inches from the east-facing lower-level of the house. Trees shade the sensor from morning sun except for an hour or two mid-morning. More elaborate reporting can be found in Ward's SensorServer site. Hello.

Sensor placement

This page includes a chart item that contains a time series of data samples, the most recent of which is shown in the readout. The time series is updated by a cron script. The script transmits a Txtzyme program over USB to an attached Teensy micro-controller. This program signals a Maxium DS18B20 digital thermometer over their one-wire protocol. Return data is translated to Fahrenheit by the script and then edited into the flat-file JSON representation of this page.

Live data is an experiment for Federated Wiki. Although the chart can be copied to other sites, it won't update there. Is this the expected behavior? Is it the most useful?