Algorithmic Music

Kragen's Introduction to ByteBeat music.

The simplest beat, a tick tick tick.

You'll hear 8000/256/d ticks per second where d is the number dividing t. Typically this division is achieved by right-shifting n places with the >>n operator.

(8000 / 256) / 8 = 3.9 ticks/sec


(8000 / 256) / 7 = 4.5 ticks/sec


Of course things get complicated and the combinations are endless.

The "forty two" melody in various forms. From Viznut's deep analysis post.



Kragen's Crowd, the score for my Exploring Cyberspace video contribution to X-Prize.

((t<<1)^((t<<1)+(t>>7)&t>>12))| t>>(4-(1^7&(t>>19)))| t>>7