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The federated wiki application is a community open-source project founded in 2011 and hosted on GitHub. It has been organized as a series of repositories under an informal organization called fedwiki. github

Ward Cunningham leads the project that is in a small way a realization of a vision dating back to the late '90s called Folk Memory and was started in ernest with a one-year fellowship in 2011.

GitHub tracks contributors that number around forty. All are valued as even small contributions have pointed out possibilities that escaped our notice until mentioned. A few have been long-standing colleagues. Thank you.


Wiki has been open since its founding as a small ruby server intended to be completed in a weekend and thus called Smallest Federated Wiki. github

In the summer of 2012 the repositories were reorganized to separate client, server, and plugins, into separate repos so that each server implementation could assume a structure expected for that kind of project. github

The node.js implementation is the recommended version mostly because it installs easily. One can create a wiki with two commands. One to get the software and the second to launch it.

npm install -g wiki wiki


Of course we use federated wiki to discuss federated wiki and related topics. Here is a sampling of sites discussing history and futures of wiki and related topics.

This is our help documentation. Read a little bit. Then move on to our Sandbox and give your new knowledge a workout. Still confused? Look through our our Frequently Asked Questions.

Paul Rodwell assembled this animation from the various github repositories we've used throughout the Smallest Federated Wiki project.

Ward writes here about his own participation in the open source federated wiki project. Pages range from his personal vision to daily todo lists with some honest assessments in between.

We explain federated wiki plugins. We define their role interpreting content, recount our experience writing many, describe principles and strategies for future plugins, and offer a step-by-step guide for new plugin authors. We'll also collect pointers here to good plugins when they emerge.

We list sites with pages mechanically generated from the github API. These provide a broad view of multiple federated wiki related repositories and a reference for ongoing conversation within the federation.

We're interested in making more great things. Making the same thing faster or cheaper is pretty great, but we're more interested in making fabulous things that solve many complex problems simultaneously and delight everyone in the process.

To bring together in a dynamic and collaborative environment the leaders in social impact, business, and venture capital investment innovation. website details

Catalog of federated wiki sites with domain names for page titles and brief descriptions tuned for search.