Example Reference

You can add references to other Federated Wiki sites. Here we show what a reference looks like.

Example References

These two references are to pages of data in early federated wiki sites.

Here we report the air temperature measured in Ward Cunningham's back yard. The thermometer is placed 18 inches from the east-facing lower-level of the house.

We generate the following reports from flat files maintained within the SensorServer system with the mksensor script.

Example References Explained

A reference consists of three parts.

  • Remote flag (favicon), retrieved when viewed.
  • Page name as it would appear in a url.
  • First paragraph of cited page, retrieved once.
  • Click the flag to see the remote page.

    The remote pages show up side by side with pages from the origin wiki site. You can click on a remote pages flag (the larger icon) to go to the remote site and make it the origin.

    References are made by drag-and-drop of a federated wiki url as explained in Add Paragraphs.