Metabolic Calculator

You lead an active life. How active? Here we compute your daily average activity as a multiple of an idle-hour.

A sedentary person could expect an average of a little less than 24 idle-hours of activity per day. (Sleeping takes less energy than idle waking.)

A vigorously active person might average 48 idle-hours a day. That's two days of basal metabolic calories every day. Enjoy seconds every meal.

USE Physical Activities 8 sleeping 8 computer office work 1 reading newspaper 2 sitting eat .5 driving automobile .75 slow bicycling .2 bicycling racing REMAINDER SUM

Compare with Metabolic Goals.

The metabolic calculator tallies idle-equivalent rates from the Metabolic Equivalent of Task database and scales them by the average hours/day you specify.

REMAINDER fills out the hours in a day.

SUM yield your daily average.

Tip: Guess activity names. The calculator adds footnotes to your names to help you make them specific. You can also double-click the source data and search it with your browser's find command.