Remove Pages

Federated wiki makes it easy to create new pages. These might be original to your site or copies of pages forked into your own environment. You can remove parts of pages by forking an earlier revision. If you fork the earliest revision, an empty page, then the page itself is removed.

Reverting to an Earlier Revision

The Journal shows at the bottom of every page. Hover over any Action to what was done an when. Click an action to retrieve that revision as a "ghost" page. Fork that page to discard all changes after that revision.

Tip: Even after you have forked an earlier revision, if the newer content is still showing in the lineup, you can drag and drop newer Items to the now saved older revision.

Removing a Page

If you retrieve the earliest revision, usually an empty page, and then fork that page, then the page will be removed rather than be kept as an empty page.

A private copy of deleted pages is saved in the recycler from which unintentionally removed pages can be restored. Follow links in Recycled Pages and fork the ones you want to restore.

Removing Pages at the Command Line

If you have command line access to your own server you can delete unwanted pages by using command line commands.

Select the pages sub directory within your web server's .wiki directory. Choose the page you want to remove based on the slug (abbreviation) used to name it in the location bar. Delete the file. Remove any cached sitemaps from the adjacent status directory.

If your web server is hosting other sites in a farm then you will have to navigate a little further to find the correct pages sub directory.

Redirecting Readers to Preferred Pages

There is not yet a way to redirect readers to a preferred replacement for a given page short of writing a forwarding message on the old page.

See preferred page: Preferred Page.

It is easy to accidentally create local pages with the same name as desired remote pages. These pages are not easy to circumvent.

You can bypass an unwanted local page by directing your browser to the remote server. When you start browsing at a remote page then other pages on that site will be preferentially retrieved.

Start browsing at a remote server by clicking its icon at the top left of a federated wiki page.