Reviewed Submissions

We are slowly developing a process for accepting submissions to this site. This is the least efficient way to contribute to the federation. Consider hosting your own site.

We move submission notices here once we have looked at them. We make no commitment to accept submissions.

<li> About Code Plugin -- rejected <br>Plugin about pages are revised in github. issue

<li> Add Links -- accepted <li> Submit Changes


We will notice submissions when we see updates reported in Recent Changes. We also have a daily report of changes generated but are not monitoring that now.

We look for an explanation in the Submit Changes form. If none, we might explore other pages in the submission out of curiosity.

We receive empty submissions from experimenters trying out the form. These we silently discard.

A submission exists as a subdomain of this site. The submitter is free to claim the submission site and carry on contributing through that resources.

We will note the disposition of submissions by editing our copy of the submission notice as we have done above. We intend to explain rejections but will not bother when suggestions do not appear in good faith.